Thursday, September 13, 2012

Porter and Chester Institute Reviews

These reviews from and other website postings represent only about one year of feedback from students and alumni of Porter and Chester Institute. One of the main complaints seems to be the lack of job placement assistance, an enticement used to draw students in. There is a disconnect between job placement people and the instructors. (what jobs the "placement specialist" sends a student to interview for as opposed to what has actually been taught.)

Porter and Chester graduates are armed with only a certificate and entry level skills after their 25k education. That does not qualify them for jobs that require a college degree or a few years of actual experience. So why send a student to interview for a job of that type?

Graduating from Porter and Chester Institute should be like having someone in your corner with REAL connections willing to put in a good word for you to help you get that entry level job. Isn't that what Porter and Chester is supposed to be about?



  1. shut this place down 25 k waste of money do not sign any papers here just look at the reviews their instructors and their bosses are just a bunch of sc*m chicopee campus especially it will be really nice when they only have some “potential cash” that’s what they call people interested in the school before they will parade you around they make sure all the students look happy in their uniform they will honestly spend like 5 day cleaning the school to make it nice then this should be illegal yes their curriculum is non existent how can you sell school to people and not have a curriculum grades do not matter here if they want to get rid of someone here they will and you will get robbed they change the rules everyday don’t get suckered by these people like i did. spread the word


    If i could give this school 0 stars i would have. I have so much spite and anger towards this school i can barely write this review. From day one not one person here has told me the truth. I was lied to and told great things to get me here then lied right to my face on a daily basis. There is no structured(set) agenda or schedule of what you will be learning. Most days we sit in class and do nothing or are given 4 hours to do a 30 minute project. All that porter and chester cares about is getting your money. Once they have your signature on the paperwork then they kick you to the side and dont want to hear from you till your course is over. I cant stress enough that I am not the type of person who complains alot, or is annoyed easily.

    Im very disciplined and can tell you this school is a complete waste of my time and Money. Please please please I BEG YOU do your research before even thinking about attending Porter & Chester. Look up reviews and you will see what i am talking about. Ive never quit anything in life and coming here i almost quit multiple times. If i was to list everything wrong with this school it would take 500 pages and be a very interesting article. How this school has not been shut down is amazing! Obviously they are paying off the right people because it took me all of 2 weeks to figure out that this “for profit” school only cared about my money. DOnt be fooled by the hands on lies they tell you to get you to come here. We have done barely any hands on and

    Like i said just look up porter & chester reviews on google and you will be simply amazed and honestly you will probably laugh at the reviews. I dont know how but somehow i missed the reviews when i was looking into coming here and must have missed the reviews. I was dumb, PLEASe dont be dumb. It cost me 30,000 Dollars and i will be paying for this mistake for a long long time!

    1. Is the way you can fight back because they scam a lot ppl

  3. Disgusted Parent

    Even giving this school one star in each category is a stretch. This school is a total scam and should be revealed for what they really are. Its quite obvious reading these reviews that the same complaints from different students and parents are mentioned over and over. I would advise anyone and everyone to stay clear of this school. You will be paying thousands of dollars for an education that you will either not get or never have a chance to get but your still going to have to pay off those loans. Sound fair?

    Do yourself a favor and go to a real school like so many stated in their complaints they ended up doing in the end. This so called “school” is a joke!!!!!! I cannot stress “joke” enough. I wish I had done a google search and found all these complaints before I let my son enroll there only to end up with $27,000 in loans and no certificate.

  4. EBNewbie09:

    My campus gave me two leads...both were DEAD END leads! One lead was given to me the evening of my graduation ceremony! They built me up SO much that night about one of their "PAC" meeting members of the school looking to hire a new employee. And that person was given my name through the school placement co-coordinator and my instructor..The owner of this "company" contacted me through email then phone calls...We would set-up to meet and just before our meeting he would call me and cancel (every time) giving me an excuse every time..It was all a bunch of B.S. I became REALLY PISSED-OFF OVER ALL OF WHAT HAPPENED! I am only giving the highlights. I just cannot type everything verbatim...

    To anyone that reads this and is looking to go to Porter & Chester Institute (any campus) Unless you already have a HVAC job (and looking for further education)-by all means attend the school if you wish...If you do not have a HVAC job while attending and hope to get one at the end of/through the school GOOD LUCK! I feel very few people get jobs from these schools. They have grads in all courses every twelve weeks! How can they fill constantly fill these positions that often...They jerk-job you around about getting work. As well as take your money-(It's a money mill) they got my 25K that I have to pay back and NO job.


  6. Eyes Open

    I have been attending PCI Watertown, Ct since earlier this year. I am enrolled in the Automotive program night class and my experiences have been extremely mixed.

    First and foremost, I do believe the instructors care a great deal for their students (at least in auto). They feel a great deal of frustration when something in the shop goes missing, loses parts, or gets broken. The tools in the shop are a little like a harlot in that everyone has had a shot at them, meaning that they will break, wear, or miss critical parts. Yet they continue to do the best with what they have. I personally enjoy when an instructor calls b.s. on the book because their life experience in the automotive field has taught them otherwise.

    The students are definitely a mixed bunch. There is a wide range in aptitude among my class mates which, at times, can be extremely frustrating if you are quick to process new concepts. I believe there should definitely be different tiers based on technical aptitude. The silly (and very basic) entrance exam made me laugh as it was extremely generalized and presented no challenge at all.
    The administrative staff is another matter altogether. I often find that admin staff is very difficult to reach as they tend to leave about an hour before the night class starts. The recruiters, of course, are paid to present the school in the best light possible(see old adage about something being too good to be true). The administrative staff could do a much better job of actually listening to their student body. Their attendance policy is extremely unforgiving and a little ridiculous. I have seen no evidence to support any statement that the administrative staff has any kind of feelings towards the students who attend the school. Got in a serious care accident? Out for more than 7 days in ICU? Your education with them gets terminated. Have multiple family issues during a semester that require you to miss school? If it requires you to miss more than 7 days you’re out of there. No feeling. No remorse. Just done.

    On to the career resource center, a room with 2 chairs, 2 computers(one of which doesn’t function despite many attempts to have the issue resolved, and a printer. The “job placement specialists” seem to be very out of touch when it comes to the students needs. E.G.: A job listing in West Hartford for an Assistant Manager for a shop probably doesn’t apply when you have students from New Milfrod, Naugatuck, Waterbury, Danbury, Bristol, Wolcott, and Plymouth. Never mind that the course is designed to give us a working understanding of how basic automotive technologies work and in no way qualifies any of us to be running a shop even as an assistant. Yet the “specialists” seem to think otherwise, which in turn might give some who are hopeful and naive a sense that they are quite accomplished when in fact they may have a novice level of understanding.

    The facilities are adequate for a beginning in auto tech. The lab is a great place to practice, while the shop provides a place to put that practice to actual customer, faculty, and student vehicles. The class room is exactly that. A place where lecture meets with Power Point presentations and training videos to help the students understand the theory and practices they are there to learn.
    Is it for everyone? No. If everyone could do it then everyone would be doing it. It takes a passion for vehicles and a commitment to the knowledge you will gain to be successful. Is the automotive course going to teach me everything I need to know? Certainly not. As technology changes so do the vehicles we drive, but it is a good foundation to build on. Is it a waste of time to go to this school? Everyone will have a different experience of course, personally I believe that with the proper motivation and a commitment to one’s education it can be quite a rewarding experience.

  7. Giving Fair Warning

    At best you will receive a mediocre education, that is if only you can shut out all the extremely poor behavior by other students. the foul mouth swearing is chronic, the talking is loud and excessive, and the fights among female students, weekly. i feared for my safety on many occasion. it seemed like the instructors didn’t know how to control their class and it was a zoo. it was appalling. i read that the instructors get bonuses for keeping everybody in that they can, that is, as long as the school is receiving the funds from the students, so many students graduated that shouldn’t have – a major insult to those of us who really tried and cared. i can’t say that the instructors don’t care, i think they do if you show that you want to learn, the problem is the curriculum is poor and because of this, you will not receive a solid education. some teachers probably are teaching in up over their heads and then get beaten down by the crap that the majority of students dish out on a daily basis. they are probably afraid of the students and don’t want to cross their paths. awful.

    I realized too soon but then it was too late to quit, that i had made a major mistake by attending this school. i am now stuck with an enormous debt to pay off but fortunately found a job. i agree with all the other posts that p&c is a money mill and that the higher ups don’t care about the students, just their money. I will be paying off a loan for the next 25 years for a crummy education but will most likely go in to deeper debt to go back to college and get a real education. i signed the dotted line believing the bill of goods that wasn’t delivered.

    I am not proud that i graduated from p&c because anybody can as long as their money comes in. do yourself a favor and run, do not walk, away from attending this school. pay the extra money and go to college. you will be grateful that you did, and you will probably be much safer on a college campus. p&c is a danger zone.

    btw, we all can’t be wrong.

    What is the HOTNESS FACTOR and why would I rate something that I have no idea about?!?!?

  8. TKA

    I am currently attending Porter & Chester’s Dental Program and I can say from my experience so far it has been a complete waste of money and time. So much so, our class had to go to the news because our advisers refused to admit to the fact they had lied to us about being able to sit for certification. The President of the school came down and told us that it isn’t there job to tell us if there school is accredited even if they market themselves as being accredited. He also said that there are no issues with the other programs and that almost everyone has great success in finding a job and are happy with their education experience. I highly doubt that.

    If anyone is interested in talking about their experience email me at

    1. Where the hell do they get these f-n students from ! the level of Discernment, Social Prejudice is off the f-n charts ! who do i tlk to about this,is this shit common ! n btw some- not all instructors could give a SHIT ! 729

    2. Many people have few choices in this life. They try to better themselves but cannot afford a real education even at a community college so they end up in places like Porter and Chester and that's what you'll find - jaded people playing the hands they were dealt, just trying to get by, hoping for something better.

      Society needs poor uneducated people so that others may prosper. They are the sacrificial lambs, the throw-aways. People (and not just the rich)take advantage of that...always have....always will.

    3. Shame, shame on YOU. I may not be wealthy, but I am not "poor or uneducated" and I am grateful for what I have. Therefore I do not use foul language, nor do I "take advantage" of vulnerable people. To the two authors on this post who feel the need to berate and humiliate people, and then kick them aside to get ahead, well, you are the epitome of IGNORANT.

    4. Shame, shame on YOU. I may not be wealthy, but I am not "poor or uneducated", and I am grateful for what I have. Therefore, I am confident in my ability to use the English language properly, without boring foul terms, and I do not "take advantage" of vulnerable people. To the two authors on this post who feel they have to berate and humiliate people and then kick them aside to get ahead, well, you are the epitome of IGNORANT.

  9. jgraham

    Hi parent of two students graduated from watertown campus..what’s going on at this school??BS 101..both had 4.0s medical assisting and palmer the only one going out of his way to auto..huge loans no jobs as promised. Then the kids give up with my phone ringing off the wall for the $$ to b paid back..this is fraud don’t commit to borrowing federal funds from govt and false promises of jobs after they graduate..its getting hookups or connections in wtby..or you're not bilingual no JOBS period..terrible..this is fraud and deception. The school is pumping out the loans with an 80percent default status upon its grads..putting them in line for food stamps not to mention depression..what is the ratio of grads overall from these campuses getting reliable jobs after their internships?? These statistics need to b researched b4 any student borrows from any PC institute.. some one might consider a class action lawsuit for fraud!!!

  10. Demos

    School is a complete fraud. They hire instructors that merely understand the courses. We went three 3 “instructors” in 13 months. This is mainly a self teach school. The faculty could really care less about you as an individual. They change the “standards” or “rules” on a weekly basis. 27k and this place isn't even worth it. People make false promises here and don't deliver. Would not suggest anyone to come here. Save your money do yourself a favor and go to a real college not a mediocre trade school.

  11. Mark

    I was planning to attend one of these “for profit” schools but apparently there is some shady stuff going on. Initially I signed up to Kaplan University in Somerville, Mass two weeks ago (September 2012) for the electrical course. Oddly, the entire school decided to shut down 4 days before classes started on October 3, 2012. I thought, “That’s highly unprofessional.” I have a two year legal degree from Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, Ma (500 ft from Kaplan) and Google-ed lawsuits against Kaplan. Surprisingly I found some interesting facts.

    Furthermore, I got quotes from the lawyer of Kaplan stating that “it may be odd to see a school operating like a business, but it is.” The class action suit painted Kaplan as targeting low income folks and using crude corporate sales tactics to sucker them into the school, and the Kaplan lawyers admitted this fact but stated that it is not illegal. The federal judge agreed with Kaplan and dismissed the suit in favor of Kaplan. Sad state of affairs in America but needless to say, I will not be attending one of these for profit schools until I Google everything about them. Some facts about Kaplan:

    -Owned by the Washington Post (Weird)
    -Many of the same site Porter Chester Complaints are filed, Kaplan is right there
    - (“Kaplan University is the blood bank for The Washington Post and supplies The Washington Post Corporation with 58 percent of its revenue.”)
    -”Kaplan’s answer to regulatory problems is to pay off politicians to weaken or rescind troublesome rules and regulations, thus reducing oversight, disclosure and transparency.”

    It appears that there is rampant fraud within the Accreditation process, Federal College money programs, banking (where the funds and interest rates originate) and downright criminal activity on a large scale basis. I have made my point. Train yourself through self discipline and the internet.

  12. Miss. Take

    I myself was in their Medical Assistant program, and I agree with Just Disappointed. PCI is an education money mill. They are completely a rip-off and they really do not care what happens to their students once they are out of their classroom. I found for the amount of money that the students pay, the school was lacking. The equipment didn’t always work, the computers ugh…. they were a mess, the programs that we had to install on the computers were confusing and for people who have to do these programs with every batch of new students, they sure knew nothing about them. There was never enough equipment for every student to use and learn at the same time. And seriously… they expect to have people comfortable jabbing someone in the arm with a needle to draw blood only after 3 days of talking about it and practicing on a mutilated fake arm. The teachers, as people are nice, while you are in school, but once you’re out… you’re a nuisance. The rules to the school change every week and personally I don’t feel that we are taught what we really need in the field. MANY girls that have left PCI have not had any luck finding jobs or receiving the promised help of finding “GUARANTEED PLACEMENT\”. Many girls have had to get jobs doing whatever they can get because almost all of the places that are applied for say that “They need more years’ experience\”. The PROMISES that were given to us were not followed through at all, but were just ploys to get us in. We were told that once we left PCI, we would be certified in 3 things,PHLEBOTOMY, MEDICAL ASSISTING, and CPR. The CPR was the only true thing… even though that training class was definitely not long enough and was just rushed through. When girls started to ask questions about being certified in the other things, they played dumb… and said that they do not know why we were told that. But many girls were, and they just turned their heads. I don’t think that the instructors are really that educated in every topic. I personally will tell everyone and anyone I hear are going to check out PCI to go elsewhere. The school is a fraud and so are the people working there!!!! All they want is money… Shame on us for trusting them. I can go on forever about my horrible experiences at PCI but I won’t. I have made some great friends from going there but…. I just am disgusted on how I and others have been treated! NUFF SAID!!!

  13. A Parent:

    I am so disappointed in this school!!!! 26,0000 dollars later no job and no placement,,,Hello the career placement person was fired last !

  14. Gone Medical

    Porter and Chester sux! After 1 year, I still cannot find work. I am working as a waitress instead. I have called the school in Enfield Ct and never had any of my calls returned. False hope is right, once you are done… so are they. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I am shocked that they have not been investigated yet. If somebody could afford a lawyer than I would def jump on and start a class action law suit!

  15. Thank you all!!!!! Thank you all!!! Went to PCI rocky hill yesterday and signed up and is suppose to go back next week for financial aid but I'm taking your advise and run!!!!!

  16. Someone June 11, 2013

    I have mixed emotions, I’ll be graduating from the Watertown Campus in July – I have all my certs, 4.0 GPA, etc – and yeah, my instructors are pretty neat. However, it simply wasn’t remotely worth the money and other depressing things that came along with it all.

    In a nutshell I feel as if I paid 27,000$ for a narrator to the books/power points.

    I was shrouded into believing I was going to work with “top of the line technology” and all of our computers in our wing (Computers!) were probably the slowest/oldest in the school. A brand new desktop out of Walmart for 400$ would easily dominate any computer in our lab.
    Not cool, not cool.

    Their job placement was another trick they pulled me in with, but now after knowing the 3 previous graduating classes, I know that will not happen, regardless of my performance in class.

    Recap, you’ll be paying 27,000$ for a few books, maybe a flash drive to wow you, certification vouchers that total to about 6-700$.

    Honestly, I’d suggest reading up on the internet and taking the A+ test BEFORE enrolling, then you’ll see how you would’ve wasted your money.

    – Sincerely, Someone who doesn’t want the boot.

  17. Graduated from Watertown and I ended up in good shape. Landed an apprenticeship a few weeks after graduating and am on my way. Instructors were solid and career services was top notch. Expensive education, but I got the results I wanted. Biggest negative I have is about the very strict attendance policy and the lack of modern equipment. They really need to upgrade the equipment.


  18. They use IPads right now instead of books. ( big money for books that are a software program,that many times never worked for me I waited many months for issue to be corrected. Valuable time in studies was lost. (Important to read as much as possible because, here is the catch, we actually are renting the books, because after 2 years, guess what, you can't access them later???!!! Kinda a harsh kick in the stomach because, big money for these books, and they are no longer Mine?!? You see, when you are just starting out , and you are new in the field, it's important to be able to go back and reference the right knowledge at your fingertips. In my opinion, you should be able to keep a copy on your computer since afterall, $350-400 a book rental seems awfully expensive. On a $24,000++bill alread.this is all because Direct Digital has a contract policy that Porter and Chester chose . To not be able to access the books you learned from , after such a high dollar price is absurd. They teach power points that are half the time incorrect or mis-spelled that the teachers are constantly waiting valuable class time trying to correct them for the students! How does a school operate this way, beats me! Doesn't anybody proof read this material? And if they do, that person should have been fired long ago!!! There is no excuse for having this problem for almost a year now, what a shame. Can't blame the teachers, IT'S THOSE ROCKY HILL people that do nothing about it..........

  19. Simple Car Repair turns into Disaster

    Well it all started with a phone call to Porter & Chester Institute in Enfield, Ct (Auto Service). My 1996 Mercury grand Marquis GS 4.6 engine size had 2 instruments out, Fuel & Volts Regulator. Manager Steven said it would be ok to drop off car, but would need it for a couple of weeks. I said ok.

    Well to start off communications were just awful. When i did get hold of Steven, he told me that the cluster needs to be changed out or change the Module in the cluster. I asked him to put it back together because i needed the car because me other car needed to be fixed.He recommended I didn't take car .

    I get to car 1996 Mercury on a Sunday. The car won’t start, then I finally got the car to start and drove it home, but car wasn't sounding to good. Realize no Instruments were working at this time. Speedometer, mileage, temp, oil nothing working Parts lift in Car, Module. Car battery left loose. Alarm to car badly messed up. It was a nightmare.

    That's just the beginning, now I try to fix all that's wrong with car. Buy used cluster, No good, Buy new Battery seems to be draining to quick.

  20. It is true they promise and all you get is lies. THE TEACHERS AND a few others lie like you cant begin to imagine. Ohhh wait, they will try to help you get a job when they see that you haven't been able to pay their TUITION,, THAT'S when they remember you,,, I have a girlfriend who FOUND a job on her own and PORTER & CHESTER hunted her down so she can sign a paper stating that they got THE JOB for her,,,,

    Ohh and as for internships, at the middle of your internship your teacher or one of them is suppose to visit the office you're in and I KNOW FOR SURE ((that FOR some students) they only looked through the window of the office where the student was doing their internship... DID'NT GO IN to talk to the doctor so they can grade the student BUT got an excellent grade ,,,,,,,,,,

  21. Brought my car to porter and chester watertown to get fixed. Worst experience ever got my car a month and a half later. Was supposed to be a week job. I got my car back had a nice big crack in my front bumper,I confront him n he didnt want to own up to it. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE TO GET FIXED!!!!

  22. The worst tech school in the area. I attended for autocad training. What a joke.
    You could learn more for the tutorials and help files included with the software. This is a funnel for govt. money. They want to get old people who are on workers comp. and drop outs to attend there school for the easy money they receive from the govt. in the form of grants. Then there financial aid(haha) dept. will drag there feet getting the rest of the financial aid and coerce you into there plan of last resort private financial aid @ 20% interest or no graduation. CRIMINAL!!!
    There were old people in the class that had never turned on a computer or been exposed to drafting in any way. I thought I was in elementary school again having to endure basic PC instruction.
    Guys in the class on Workers Comp. telling me they were sent there by the state for re training for free . They also stated that they had no intention of getting a job in the field. They will get a workers comp. check as long as they get the training and it gives them something to do.

  23. Horrible lack of communication. terrible school. Wish someone had warned me prior to starting. Paying for tools and uniforms that i never even got. Buncha thieves in the auto class in Watertown. Absolute nightmare. Haha even better is when they continue to withdraw money from an account that they were told not to. And when you ask to speak to the campus director and never get a call back. Lawsuits are a b****.

  24. Considering Porter and Chester have an average of 3000 students graduating yearly, these few complaints here are somewhat acceptable. Of course, these complaints should be taken into consideration to better school performance, though no matter how hard PCI tries, you can not please everyone - expectations differ from person to person. In addition, students attitude play a big role in the school experience! Sometimes it is easier to blame others than to step in front of a mirror.

  25. That's a good point but when comparing the number of negative Porter & Chester reviews on a large school review website like to other schools, you'll see a big difference in the numbers and these other institutions - have more students enrolled.

    Also, you can bet there are a lot of people who have had negative experiences but have not expressed their disappointment on line. Attitude and blaming others can play a roll at times but don't assume that everyone who has a complaint is a slacker.

    One thing that stands out in the Porter & Chester complaints is their pathetic job placement assistance. It's a token effort at best but something they advertise as a benefit of choosing them as a choice over other institutions.

    These "few complaints" seem to be "somewhat acceptable" to Porter & Chester and their instructors. Paying on a $20,000.00+ loan for the next 10+ years for a useless education is not "somewhat acceptable" to us.

    Would anyone in their right mind not complain if they spent $20,000.00 on something that didn't produce?

  26. I graduated 3 years ago from the Watertown location. During my first week, I was told I can come back to use extra resources if needed. Well while I was there, I was learning AutoCad, but everybody is hiring for Solidworks. I asked to get a crash course on Solidworks and they told me to download it and learn it myself cause it's free. Not what I wanted to hear. Beware!!!

  27. Vanessa says :

    There are so many public school programs that it always amazes me that these types of schools can stay in business. In the United States, we have a very good community college system that often offers similar programs to the so-called “technical schools.” Take Auto Mechanics programs, for example. There is a community college in Sacramento, California (American River College, specifically), that offers a full mechanic certification program. This costs under $ 1,000 in tuition per semester, and most students qualify for government-subsidized financial aid, which means the tuition is not only free, but you also RECEIVE money to help with living expenses and books. It is absolutely astonishing to me that the for-profit, private school down the street can charge upwards of $ 10,000 per year with no financial assistance for the same exact program They are really preying on people who are desperate to improve their lives, but who are also uninformed enough to fall for pushy sales tactics. These schools spend your hard-earned tuition money on advertising and recruiting new students. It sounds to me like this school you are talking about is one of these.

    My advice to everyone…if you’re in the United States, check your community colleges first Chances are you can find one in your state that offers computer technology, engineering, paralegal, auto mechanic, cosmetology…all of the things that these expensive “career colleges” specialize in.

  28. Wow and I was really considering attending this school Nvm

  29. I attended this school summer 2012-2013, if it wasn't for my ability to get lucky, find MYSELF a job in my field of study, WITHOUT THE HELP OF THIS SCHOOL. The curriculum is outdated and way too basic for "post secondary education." Most of the students are uninterested and disruptive. The instructors are more into disciplining and posturing students. The instructors also have very little ability to help students hands on. In my opinion most of the instructors are former WARRANTED TECHS that could not hack it in the industry anymore so they decided to yell at lost 20 somethings for not tucking their shirts in. IVE SEEN STUDENTS IN SOME OF THE MUST UNSAFE CONDITIONS, WORKING ON SYSTEMS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I HAVE LEARNED MORE IN MY ALMOST 2 YEARS AS A FLAT RATE AUTO TECH THEN I DID IN MY MANY WASTED HOURS AT THIS SCHOOL. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

  30. its crazy they let our instructor go and we have like 15 people with one instructor now. there is constant fighting yelling the class is OK but for the amount of time and learning spend we need more. its not fair when some students get more help than others. and everyday we have new rules all the time if your a minute late they make u wait outside. you get promised to work on a car it doesn't happen. every time i have a question its go on all data it sucks..gio